Death Cafe's in HUD Senior housing

Posted by John Painter on Dec. 28, 2018, 9:23 a.m. 2 comments

I have been asking around whether there are any HUD Resident Service Coordinators who have either hosted or sponsored a Death Cafe and have not found any.  I will be holding a Cafe with a small group of residents HUD seniior housing who are clearly eager to talk about death and dying. 

I'm curious if there are any other RSC's out there who have hosted a Death Cafe and your experiences.  I appreciate the broad group of discussion I've already seen on this site, but am curious of others experiences holding a Cafe for HUD low income senior citizens.


Response to Kate

Kate, The Death Café I held was very well received at one of the HUD senior housing locations I work at. They have asked to do another one with some awareness that several other people might like to join in now that they have a better understanding of the group. Several weeks afterwards, a few of the participants gathered together at one of their peers apartments to watch a You Tube video on cremation. They said the Death Café inspired them to watch it together, they all said they were surprised what cremation was really like, and "oddly comforted" by watching it. One of the people said before the Café they would have thought it morbid and never watched such a video. The group now reports feeling more at ease talking about death and dying.

Posted by John Painter

Please let me know how this went - and I want to hear from RSCs, too! I'm a social worker at a council on aging, and this info would be relevant to me, too!

Posted by Kate

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