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Hi all,

I'm a little confused and am hoping you might clarify something for me.

I've hosted 8 Death Cafes over the past year, ranging from 12 people to 34, and it's become a regular event that the community looks forward to.

I'm a funeral celebrant but as far as I understand it, the 'rules' of the DC movement are that we don't talk about our work or give topics for discussion or provide information.

I have abided by those 'rules' strictly, despite wishing that I could share some of my knowledge, things I've learned.

In fact, I'm wondering whether, in order to share valuable information, I might need to call the evenings something else and lose out on supporting the DC movement, which would be a shame as I value it enormously.

I'm confused because this morning I have read (on Google) a newspaper report about a Death Cafe, run by a funeral celebrant.  (I don't want to post the link as I'd like to preserve the celebrant's privacy.)

The report says, "Tonight the discussion mainly revolves around funerals, burial and cremation – the importance of sharing our wishes, ways to discuss this with relatives, and curious bits of information about the rules and regulations on what can be put in a coffin: mobile phones yes, but the batteries must be removed; favourite biscuits are fine.

We discuss the merits of various types of coffin and I learn that people can be buried on private land – providing certain regulations and requirements are adhered to. Some people even have the ashes of a dear departed one made into jewelry or mixed into the ink of a new tattoo."

So, this sounds as if information is being given, and that there is a suggested topic for the evening.

Would you please clarify if this is acceptable to the DC movement, to lead a DC in this way?

Many thanks,



Good morning! I am very interested in this question since it also hits a lot of my own questions/confusions regarding hosting a DC. I haven’t started mine yet but am very excited to support this movement. I had originally planned on pairing this with a sort of “death book club” but after reading (and rereading) the guidelines, i’m unclear if that’s acceptable? I also had planned on discussing various disposition methods since I find information to be an excellent way to alleviate fear and anxiety surrounding death, however is that not allowed either? I hope we can both get some clarity and continue (or start in my case) this important conversation!

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