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Grief is an aspect of love - an haiku

Posted Tuesday 14 March 2017 Written by Fustbariclation

Spring flows life to love’s
warm-season-flow. Death, to love’s,
cold, deep-winter-flow. 



To My Unborn Child : a mother writes.

Posted Wednesday 01 March 2017 Written by Arusha

i was my mother’s only child, and she almost died giving birth to me.
we were best friends. the kind that bicker & argue all the time.
we were also so incredibly stubborn.

my mother died in 2013, when i was 32 years old.
we had just spent 18 months ...

Two years is nothing when you’ve lost your mum

Posted Wednesday 01 March 2017 Written by kiranaldridge

Two years on I see my mother's untimely death as a defining moment in my life; it has changed me, shaped me, taken away any innocence, swamped me, it has filled my mind, taken my heart hostage and changed the past. I say it has changed the past because ...

DC-CLT Monthly Newsletter 2-20-17

Posted Monday 20 February 2017 Written by CLT.Death.Cafe

I found this interesting write up in Linked In and wanted to share it. The title caught my eye, and I thought it was really progressive to discuss the topic of suicide on Linked In of all places. Hope you get something out of it:

The topic no one wants ...

Death: Survive or Surrender

Posted Thursday 02 February 2017 Written by KatieH13

Like most people I’ve had my fair share of grief and in an attempt to understand and accept death I teamed up with Damsons Future Planning in the hope to make the grieving process easier. After much research we found various concepts on how to handle grief and now ...

End Friends: No One Dies Alone

Posted Wednesday 25 January 2017 Written by SueKlefstad

No one dies alone.

No One Dies Alone is a great organization that puts a living breathing human at the bedside of a dying person, but I’m talking about End Friends, psychopomps, beings that help with the transition of death.

I became aware of End Friends when my father ...

life after death

Posted Saturday 21 January 2017 Written by lozzi

Well I do believe that when we leave here (the physical world) we move on to the next stage. It is like we progress spiritually, and although our physical body dies, our soul, consciousness, and energy survives. We have now reached the after life. I think the Buddhists have summed ...

An expression of thanks

Posted Wednesday 18 January 2017 Written by aderieg

Since I just entered the dates for the Death Cafe in Linz, Austria, in January, February, March, and April, I want to take a moment to express my thanks for this wonderful format. Every time I add another Death Cafe to the web site here and come to the question ...

Thoughts on death

Posted Thursday 05 January 2017 Written by Buckeyebandit25

Does anyone on here believe in heaven or hell? Reincarnation? Does it all just go dark? Do we even know that we died? What is the point of life if we just go out like a light with nothing but memories for family and friends? Just curious on others thoughts ...

I Lost My Precious Mother On Mother's Day: Overwhelmed With Grief And Sorrow

Posted Wednesday 04 January 2017 Written by RachelHenderson


Greetings my fellow Christian brothers and sisters,

I love to speak the truth and I have very serious questions that I think many believers would like to know the answer to. Can you tell me please why does God's word promise so much and yet fulfils so very little ...


Posted Monday 02 January 2017 Written by Buckeyebandit25

So i don't know how long I have been feeling fear of death. Off and on for awhile.. But lately i feel like its more.. I check my pulse all the time.. Everytime i am too hot or too cold i freak out.. I am afraid to fall asleep ...

Re: "The fear of Death"

Posted Tuesday 06 December 2016 Written by ReadyAlready




Jon Underwood

Kevin Haselhorst

Amy 2


Tamed Kelly


John Bird


In reading PaulB's "The fear of Death" ( as well as the many replies I recognized that many are opinionated and feel the need to firmly express their view as ...


Posted Sunday 06 November 2016 Written by philipmuls

Christmas Day 2012.  I find myself swimming in the Caribbean Sea, an hour before dusk. I am wondering what will happen if it gets completely dark. I am pretty far out and nobody knows where I am.


Where I am is on Curacao, for a 30-day rehab at the Jellinek ...

Death Letter!

Posted Friday 04 November 2016 Written by abduljfs


 Reflection time! Grieving, another loved member of my family died. It is Halloween week! Palliative care in aged care is telling us death and dying matter. So, let's talk about the "D" words and break the silence now! My first conversation will be with you! My dear Death Angel ...

Seeing death

Posted Friday 21 October 2016 Written by Amna

It's not that I fear death for myself but I am constantly scared of my loved ones dying even though they are healthy. It's gone to the length that I get this anxiety towards people who I haven’t had the opportunity to know well, I can't ...

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