Death Cafe on a Snowy Day

This fifth in our current series of Death Cafes in the Comox Seniors Centre was held on the afternoon after yet another unusual (for the Comox Valley) snowfall.  Fortunately the temperature had risen enough that the snow was almost clear of walkways and entries by the time participants started to arrive.


Twenty-one people joined us, with a positive mix of new-comers and regulars.  They are invited to seat themselves at one of the tables arranged to seat four, preferably with someone that have not yet met.

The hosts give a brief outline of Death Cafe principles, plus an outline of the format: sharing for the first hour, a break to refill coffee or tea cups, and then another session at a different table if they so wish.

Judging from the buzz in the room, and the engaged look on the faces of the participants, there was no lack of topics to share and pursue.

At the end of the second hour, the hosts give the date and time for the next Cafe - always on the fourth Sunday of the month.  

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