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Location: India

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Saatyaki S/o Seshendra Sharma

54 Years

M.A ( Political Science ) JNU : New Delhi: India

Publisher & Coordinator

Living : Hyderabad

Telangana State : India

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To intorduce my late father , an outstanding poet to the peoples's fo the world

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 A treasure house of poetry and poetics

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When A metaphor dies,

a civilisation dies


-Archibald Macleish

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Posted by Saatyaki S/o Seshendra Sharma on Jan. 22, 2015, 4:41 a.m.

Seshendra Sharma

Rivers and poets
Are veins and arteries
Of a country.
Rivers flow like poems
For animals, for birds
And for human beings-
The dreams that rivers dream
Bear fruit in the fields
The dreams that poets dream
Bear fruit in the people-

-       Seshendra Sharma



 Seshendra Visionary poet of the millennium ...