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What is your view on 'How to Die a Good Death'?

Posted Friday 14 October 2016 Written by josefine

What is your view on 'How to Die a Good Death'? Can one die a good death? What would you think of as a 'good' death and how would it differ from a death that was 'not good'?Can a death ever be 'good'? I am preparing for a panel ...


Posted Monday 03 October 2016 Written by rcherry72

My name is cherry and i am currently fearing death a lot. I will be going along my business and then, oh yeah we're gonna die. I hate it. I just want some peace

Preparing For Loss

Posted Thursday 25 August 2016 Written by IrishDeathNotices

Experiences To Expect With Loss

Preparing For Loss, there is no denying it–the experience of preparing for the loss of a loved one is truly difficult. Luckily, there are many things you can do during this trying time, in order to help give you, your extended family, and the ...

One Man’s Stigmata to Bear and Share

Posted Tuesday 26 July 2016 Written by khaselhorstmd

Self-expression is rarely easy for patients because words often cannot articulate how patients feel inside.  Children are often asked to draw pictures in order for psychologists to gain insight into perceptions surrounding particular life experiences. Paul, a 57-year-old patient with a provocative and morbid sense of humor, stunned the ER ...

Im Juni

Posted Tuesday 12 July 2016 Written by aderieg

Da ich bis knapp vorher unterwegs war, habe ich es versäumt, das Linzer Death Cafe auf der Webseite anzukündigen, und habe den Termin nur begrenzt über Facebook und Twitter verbreitet. Dennoch kamen 10 Menschen zusammen, um bei Kaffee und Kuchen über Tod und Sterben zu reden.  Es war ...

The Rise of Alternative Funerals - a Changing Attitude to Death?

Posted Thursday 19 May 2016 Written by NatashaFT

Discussion around the topic of death has always been difficult and it’s easy to see why in some sense. Why talk about death when there is so much to focus on in the present whilst we are living? However, death is the one thing that is certain for us ...

Death Happens While We’re Busy Making Other Plans

Posted Wednesday 04 May 2016 Written by khaselhorstmd

Whereas Prince did not have an estate plan before his untimely death, I am weirdly planning to be here today (in Phoenix) and gone tomorrow (to St. Louis). When my father takes his last breath this week or next, I anticipate that a part of my life will stop as ...

Press release from Death Cafe in Taiwan

Posted Tuesday 03 May 2016 Written by CelinJheng

Death Café press release

OrganizerCivil Affairs Bureau of Taichung City

Executive UnitMortuary Services Office, Taichung City

Time13:30-16:30 Wednesday, May 4th,2016

VenueNo.50, Sec. 1, Chongde Rd., North Dist., Taichung City 404, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Press Contact+886-4-22334145  ext. 306 Mr.Tsai ...

Death Denial

Posted Friday 29 April 2016 Written by Paulachan

Death is a taboo topic among humans. The denial and discomfort about this dreaded topic is beautifully and humorously depicted in the recently released book, Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant: A memoir by Ros Chast, staff cartoonist for the New Yorker.

In my line of work as ...

Calling all lovers of death cafes

Posted Wednesday 27 April 2016 Written by megsy296

Hi there smile emoticon I'm currently at the University of Birmingham, studying anthropology and african studies. At the moment i'm doing a mini research project on death cafe events, and would be so so so grateful if anyone would like to talk me about their experiences of death ...

Another Opening Day

Posted Monday 04 April 2016 Written by khaselhorstmd


Once upon a time Martin Simpson was playing little league and had hopes and dreams. At the age of 89 he was falling frequently due to weakness brought on by urinary tract infections. Before his son could arrive at the residential group home, Mr. Simpson had been loaded onto the ...

My Mother's Death with Dignity...

Posted Saturday 19 March 2016 Written by Deathandlife2016

We had a reception for my Mom at the hospice the day before she died.  Her Catholic family and friends were a little taken aback - no funeral or wake or visitation?  

We had all the guests write notes to Mom on pretty gift tags and tied them to big pink ...

Driving Miss Norma -Off the Beaten Trail

Posted Sunday 13 March 2016 Written by khaselhorstmd


The Number #1 regret of the dying is not having the courage to live a life true to oneself, but instead living a life based on the expectations of others.

Driving Miss Norma is a popular Facebook page, a truly inspiring passage about an endearing 90-year-old woman who “hit the ...

Death Cafe Toronto: A Space to Talk About Life & Death

Posted Monday 29 February 2016 Written by linda

“Mom, you’re SO weird,” my youngest son announced when he heard of my plans to organize and host Toronto’s first Death Café.

At the time he was 20 and stared at me with big eyes and disbelief as if he pictured me dressed goth-style with ultra-pale skin and ...

How one person's views on Life, Death & Snickers Bars was forever changed

Posted Wednesday 10 February 2016 Written by korttanyfinn

So, there’s this coroner who invited thousands of strangers to ask her questions about death. Sounds like a pretty weird invitation, right? My first thought upon discovering this, was, “What kind of weirdo’s actually want to talk about death?” I, myself, had done a pretty good job at ...

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