DeathCafe vs. Bereavement group

Posted by mikekosim on June 13, 2017, 11:01 a.m. 2 comments

So I know that we're to make clear that deathcafe isn't a bereavement group.  Can anyone tell me when talking about your relationship with death crosses into a bereavement group?  I need to be really clear on this, as I am looking to host one.


Thanks so much, everyone!


Here's my understanding of the distinction. A bereavement support group is where people share their loss, they have bereavement in common and its the topic and the reason for the group.
Death Cafe is a larger and more free ranging, covering death and dying and pretty much anything that comes up around those topics. People may talk about loss, bereavement, mourning, but Death Cafe doesn't deal solely or in common with it

Posted by Cat Martin


Thanks for your mail. I think the division is that we clearly say that Death Cafes are not a bereavement group and this creates a different type of event. As yet I've never had a Death Cafe that felt like a bereavement group.


Posted by Jon Underwood

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