Posted by profsarah on May 4, 2017, 4:24 p.m. 2 comments

We are having a death cafe this weekend and I want to find out what the rules and suggestions are on having children. My preference is to NOT have kids present. 

Please advise!



Having children present it at the facilitator's discretion. If you have a clear policy about this it is good to mention it in the information about your Death Cafe.


Posted by Jon Underwood

A twelve-year old young woman attended one of the last DC's I hosted. She idly lay with her head in her dad's lap - afterwards I asked her what it was like, to heard adults talking about death, and she said she loved it. I think if there were more than one child it would have been distracting though. We have a candle that burns in a skull at our DC's, and blow it out together afterwards. This young woman suggested we count down from ten, and when we hit zero she calmly said 'Blast off!' It was a fitting finale to the session.

Posted by Sean

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