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Posted by Bernadetta on Jan. 2, 2017, 2:26 p.m. 2 comments

Hello there and Happy New Year:)


I talked today about death quite a lot with a friend and realised how helpful it was to share the experience and stories.

It dawned me that a friend told me last year about a Death Cafe and that he would be interested if I was to start one:)


Here is my question:

Can I be a host and a facilitator in one person or doI need another person to be a host.

Sorry but that isnt exaclty clear for me so thought I'd rather ask.


Thank you and hope to hear from someone soon:)


Best wishes
 and love



Hi Bernadetta,

It's great you're looking to hold a Death Cafe. Yes it is fine for you to be both host and facilitator, many people do this. The main downside is that it's more work!

All the best,


Posted by Jon Underwood

Thank you Jon.
Great, now I gues it's just the matter of planning and organizing...

Posted by Bernadetta

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