Carmel Death Cafe Summary March 19, 2017

A write up of Carmel Death Cafe

By evoci

We had 12 people attend, and enjoyed a delicious homemade rum cake with tea and water.  Participant comments included:

" I was very touched by the sharings and by the ways you honored each one. It usually takes time for me to relax into a new group.. and i was feeling off center that day. But the safe container you created was helpful. I left feeling more at peace and more satisfied than i have in a while. Thank you! "

"Three words: amazing, enriching, rewarding!"

"It was particularly enjoyable because we had so many participants and, therefore, a wealth of viewpoints and ideas."

"I consider this Cafe my spiritual home and I feel comfortable and safe here to talk about my feelings."

"It's always a pleasure to have your facilitation; you are helpful in the way you treat each person with respect so that even shy people feel able to open up and say what they think and feel."

Our conversation was wide-ranging and included near death experiences, societal views on avoiding discussions of death, and making sure that our families know our preferences when it comes to end of life plans.  


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