Hosted by Sandy, Diane, Barbara, Stacey


Oct. 18, 2017

Start time:

6:30 p.m. (Pacific)

End time:

8:30 p.m. (Pacific)

An Online Death Cafe

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News from Whatcom County Death Café......

Welcome to Death Café of Whatcom County! As we progress through 2017 we celebrate  that our Death Café community has grown and deepened over the past three years. We link with and support other endeavors in Whatcom County to increase awareness of and sensitivity to issues of death and dying.  Where our culture often denies the reality and importance of death, we at Death Café embrace, with respect and often humor, the notion that contemplating death, and sharing with others our feelings and thoughts about our own end-of-life, can bring deeper and richer meaning to our lives.  

People often gasp when we mention an organization called "Death Café.  I have been asked, "Isn't it morbid and gloomy to sit around and talk about death?" Absolutely not!  Come and learn and laugh as we explore the old taboos about death, learn how to write a health care directive, explore the mysteries of what comes after death and much more.

In September 2016 we supported the birth of a new Death Café in Anacortes.  We have participated in the Bellingham Senior Center's annual conference on "Planning Ahead" a packed room! We support the Palliative Care Initiative and attend their conferences. We support and participate in The Art of Death.

We meet the third Wednesday of every month except December. Check this page for our meeting time and location.

We welcome you to join us for cake, coffee or tea.  All are welcome, no registration necesary, just bring your curious and open mind. Death Cafe of Whatcom County is a surprisingly fun place to set aside taboos about death and share our natural curiosity and concern about this universal aspect of life. We believe that bringing the subject of death into the light of day we live more deeply and love more fully. Come and bring a friend!


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