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Hosted by Sue Friston


May 3, 2017

Start time:

2:00 p.m. (GMT)

End time:

4:00 p.m. (GMT)



Contact the organiser


Malvern Cube,

Albert Road North




WR14 2YF

United Kingdom


£3 suggested voluntary donation towards costs, but please feel free to attend without donation.

About this Death Cafe

We've been meeting regularly for three years now.  Currently:

First Wednesday afternoon of each month 2.00 - 4.00 p.m.

Second and third Friday of each month 10.00 a.m. - noon.

It's a small group, less than a dozen meet each time.  Discussions arise in part from the round of introductory sharing. 

Each person gets the opportunity to speak for two minutes uninterrupted and without comment until everyone has spoken. e.g. The cause of their current interest in death, or of their reasons for being here* and perhaps what they would like to gain from the session.  Nothing fixed, each week is different  - so if you're coming, you dont need to let me know but try and arrive a little before the start time - you might not get a word in til the half way break otherwise and we'd like to know who you are!

Email me for inclusion in the mailing list to be kept informed. Though I do tend to update this site each week now so you'll know when and where the next meeting will be.  Now in 2017 all is changing every week it seems, so please get in touch!

 And or check out the facebook page Malvern Death Cafe.

Thanks for dropping by  :)

* re reasons for being here, at the meeting that is. Though we often touch on the meaning of life as we know it - this is not the occasion to debate existential angst, philosophical teachings on the purpose life, universe and geraniums.  Though I did kind of expect that when I first set this up... many other good things have emerged instead.  You can make a separate appointment to discuss the above if you wish - I have an hourly rate for that much akin to the Monty Python sketch on arguing. 



About Sue Friston

I moved back to live near my elderly mum in 2012.  Her dementia wasn't diagnosed until 2014, and I put off moving in with her properly until 2015.

I felt I needed to research and prepare for end of life. An article on death cafes caught my attention. Years of setting up and teaching yoga and meditation classes was useful experience and sustained us both in this caring, limbo state. 

My need to talk about such matters and hear the experiences of others has proved to be a need shared by many.  Close and valued friendships have been formed  in the core group of regulars, and new people come and go all the time. 

I saw it was a gift to have that time with my mum.  Both of us would have hated to live with each other in previous years.  We both changed in profound ways.

She died peacefully, 9th November, 2016.  A good death in many ways.



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