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So i don't know how long I have been feeling fear of death. Off and on for awhile.. But lately i feel like its more.. I check my pulse all the time.. Everytime i am too hot or too cold i freak out.. I am afraid to fall asleep.. For fear of death.  I am afraid to move or breath sometimes.. I used to like horror movies.. But anytime i watch them now i get freaked out.  The more i freak out the more stressed out i get.  I have a 13 year old who has autism i dont think he would even check on me.. But i try to move on n some days are better than others.. But lately the feeling is getting more and more.  I don't know what to do or how to handle it.. I normally am the sane one the one who didn't care abour death.. But now i do.  I don't have a glamorous life. I work at a retail store. I don't have much money. Dying wouldn't mean anything to anyone except my family.  Anyway this is my first blog. So i am signing off for now.  


I am just beginning my journey to understand how i feel about death. Like others it surfaced when my son died tragically at age 17, 2 months before high school graduation. I don't know how to fear death. I guess I hope not to be able to. Now that he is gone I often say I could be with him, so I don't fear it at all, but wonder sometimes if that is totally true.

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My extraordinary experiences

I have just finished reading another wonderful book, this book is about all the strange and wonderful events this woman has experienced during her life time. She is similar to me, someone who questions everything, from coincidences to many strange happenings that our reality and our mind can not explain. I recommend this book to people who have an open mind and question this reality we live in. (My Extraordinary Experiences questioning the essence of life) by Viviana Verheesen. I could not put this book down, truly wonderful.


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