Seeing death

Posted by Amna

It's not that I fear death for myself but I am constantly scared of my loved ones dying even though they are healthy. It's gone to the length that I get this anxiety towards people who I haven’t had the opportunity to know well, I can't even talk to my crush without thinking he will somehow die the next day. I know its odd and awful thinking but its something that goes through my mind and worsens my anxiety issues.

So since this is an issue that I can't hide from, I decided to base my new animation project on death. I am interested if other’s have the same feeling as me and if not I would appreciate to get to know other people's approach and views on death. What do you do when you see death? 


No Fear Just Anger Why?

I go to bed every night praying God comes and rescue's me from this horrible place and every morning I wake I am angry. I am not afraid of death I hope for it, why?

Posted by Kim

I think about death all the time, since loosing my religion(s) ( i tried a few) I think what is the point , you live, you struggle and you die and that's it, as I am barren I will have no one to rememember me, I have Autism so my social circle is counted on one hand if that, no onetoleave things too etc. I also think about people who've died violently or had a horrible life and how unfair it is for them, or little animals that suffer and die un noticed.

Posted by Ali

Ali, I'm an old lady so maybe you wont be interested in my post, but life is more than the perfect lifestyle etc, it is patting a puppy, growing and picking flowers and veges, chatting with anyone who will listen for 5 mins, noticing the beauty of the world. Doing things. Life is also hard, and sometimes unsatisfactory because we desire things, but we can focus on that, or on the beauty and wonder of the world.

Posted by Glenn

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