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Death Cafe Jundiaí SP

Hosted by Fábio José Turrini


Sept. 25, 2019

Start time:

7:30 p.m. (UTC/GMT - 3 HORAS)

End time:

9:30 p.m. (UTC/GMT - 3 HORAS)

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About this Death Cafe

I am running Death Cafe in a group of friends who experience no day to day death, in the most different circumstances. We see the need to discuss this issue in society to open an Open Channel for Communication and Exchange of Experiences. We wish death to be discussed frankly and openly for all to put their fears and desires so we can share each participant's death awareness.

About Fábio José Turrini

Fábio José Turrini - médico geriatra e paliativista

Juliana Peghini Sampaio Senise- geriatra médica

Jéssica Danezi da Silva - psicóloga

Mirella F Senise Martins Silva - infantil neurologista médica

Armando de Freitas Andrade Filho - psicólogo

Fernada Rezende Dias da Silva - médica geriatra e paliativista

Cristiane Gussi Baito - médica da Família e geraitra

Djalma Barbosa Junior- médico intensivista e paliativista

Michelli Camila Gonçalves - psicóloga clínica e hospitalar 

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