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Hosted by Bryanna Hines and Leeann Trevors


Dec. 20, 2018

Start time:

6:00 p.m. (EST)

End time:

8:00 p.m. (EST)


M4M 1H3



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About this Death Cafe

We met in our MSW program, and have had a number of great discussions about death. After having these passionate conversation about death and the way that society talks about death, we thought it would be really cool to attend a death cafe. However, we soon realized there were no upcoming death cafes in Toronto. We think that these conversations are important to have and so we are hoping that we can use our knowledge and experiences to facilitate these discussions in a safe environment. We hope to be able to bring people together with cake, tea/coffee and meaningful conversations. 

About Bryanna Hines and Leeann Trevors

Leeann Trevors is a Registered Social Service Worker and current Master of Social Work Student at the University of Toronot. Leeann completed a Social Service Work Diploma from Centennial College in 2008 and a Bachelors Degree from U of T Scarborough in 2017. Leeann believes that can cocreate a safer social environment by sharing knowledge, experiences and resources. For taboo topics like death and dying, opening space for discussion provides an oppourtunity for people to learn, challenge stigma nad heal through personal experiences. 

Bryanna is a current MSW candidate. She has completed a Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and a Master of Arts, Early Childhood Studies. She is interested in life transitions and opening the discussions around death and dying, especially after experiencing loss in her own family recently. Bryanna see death as a inevitable event that we all face individually and all experience in our personal lives, but seldom talk about. It is her hope that through these conversations, death will become less taboo and we can shift our perspective around death. 


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