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Hosted by Petra Geiszbühl-Szimon and Katinka Rácz


Nov. 29, 2018

Start time:

5:30 p.m. (CET)

End time:

7:00 p.m. (CET)



1136 Budapest Tátra u 22.

1033 Budapest



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About this Death Cafe

This Death Cafe will be held in the light of Dry November Movement - a month without alcohol. So what is the connection between Dry November and an open discussion about death? Let's find out together!

About Petra Geiszbühl-Szimon and Katinka Rácz


Petra Geiszbühl-Szimon

I am a mental health expert (and economist) - soon a psychologyst, bereavement counsellor, and bereavement group facilitator. I have specialized in pre-and perinatal losses, also I have been delivering trainings on companioning in prenatal loss for professionals working on this field. I am devoted to the existential approach in my work and life- some years ago I have conducted a research on the effect of group discussion on death anxiety- and attitude, and the correlation of death anxiety and the psychological immune competences, during which I become familiar with the Death Cafe initiation, and in 2015 began organizing Death Cafes in Budapest. Ever since I’ve been devoted to promote open discussions on death, which also links to the meaning of life, hence an opportunity to live a more authentic and thorough life.  Before mental health counsellig, I had spent 13 years as HR manager in a multinational environment. I am also a happy mother of two small ones.


Annamária M-Steinbach

I’m a biologist and a behavioral analyst, and next year I'll get my degree in psychology. As a biologist, I worked in brain research. However, today I prefer to work with people instead of microscopes. At the center of my interest is group and individual therapy. My passion is writing, my first book was published in April, and I'm the owner and editor of a popular psychology blog called 7köznapi pszichológia ("Everyday psychology"). I find the topic of death intriguing. This was facilitated by my own experiences and life history. I think it is important to think of death as part of our lives, because this consciousness makes our own lives even more valuable.

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