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Hosted by Sarah Wilkinson


Dec. 14, 2018

Start time:

9:00 a.m. (Hong Kong)

End time:

11:00 a.m. (Hong Kong)


Classified Coffee

The Pulse

Repulse Bay

Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong Island


Hong Kong



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About this Death Cafe

Welcome to the Southside Death Cafe! The objective of a “Death Cafe” is to increase awareness of death and explore how this awareness can enhance our everyday well-being. Why December 14th? Because in the Chinese tradition, the number 14 is considered inauspicious as it sounds like the character for "guaranteed death." The only guarantee in life! Join us for a thoughtful discussion about this last stage of life and share your experiences, thoughts, and fears about death in a relaxed setting over a cup of coffee and a pastry.  Death Cafes are discussion groups rather than grief support or counselling sessions, and are open to those of all faiths and spiritual traditions.

About Sarah Wilkinson

Sarah once had what she perceived to be a near death experience many years ago and has since been very curious about death and dying.  She hopes to provide the space for a meaningful discussion about death that will include perspectives from some of the many cultures that populate Hong Kong. Sarah has a Master of Divinity (MDiv) in Buddhist Chaplaincy and is an ordained lay Buddhist minister, though  she was baptized Catholic and confirmed Episcopalian. This is to be a completely open forum with no specific secular or spiritual agenda. Sarah hopes to learn about other people’s fears, concerns and relationship to death to help process and work with her own.

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