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Death Cafe of Lake County Spring Edition 2018

Hosted by Gloria Savannah-Austin


June 21, 2018

Start time:

6:00 p.m. (Eastern)

End time:

8:00 p.m. (Eastern)


2810 S. Baystreet

Eustis, Florida


United States

Suggested donation:

Free- donation accepted for meet-up page costs and printing costs for fliers.

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About this Death Cafe

This is our 7th Death Cafe for Lake County Florida. I am a facilitator of conversations that center around Death in a positive way in our community.

The event is run like all typical Death Cafe's by self directed discussions and a brek mid-way allowing other to mix and mingle with the attendees there. Cake, Teas and Coffee is the norm, and with this being the spring edition, may add a veggie tray for snacks and have a customised cake made for this edition that reflects Death in the Springtime. 

About Gloria Savannah-Austin

Gloria Savannah-Austinwas born in Orlando, Florida, and moved to Mount Dora, Florida to follow her dream of opening her own business in 2007, where she finally exhaled and fell in love with her new life. By day, she is a Life-Cycle Celebrant and by night a reader, a writer and sometimes a kid who will not go to bed at night. Loving and living life to its fullest in her community who seemingly wrapped it arms around her from the get go. Gloria enjoys networking and inventing various ways to tell a story through the five senses. She creates immersive environments and special heartfelt moments for her friends and clients through her business Soulful Transitions. Some of her favorite things include long Saturday afternoon naps with her pets under her favorite purple fuzzy blanket, vast open skies with fluffy clouds, handwritten letters, the ocean, acoustic music, veering off the main path and finding a treasure or junk shop. Oh yes…and random leaps of faith in all directions. She dreams of one day owning a gypsy wagon and finally having a groovy private writing space for her and her three dogs. A place where she can commune with her favorite books, a place where glitter covers the floor and a place where time and money are not an issue.


Gloria is a graduate from the Celebrant Foundation and Institute in Montclair, NJ. She is a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant, and continues to further her education and knowledge of the Death care industry. Quarterly, Gloria conducts talks and speaks regularly throughout the communities and holds workshops that helps other jumpstart their life biographies. She is also a facilitator of Death Cafe’s and other community events where the conversation centers around and is focused on having Death positive group discussions and one on one conversations. Her background in coaching, marketing and speaking support her interpersonal connections and understanding of the human condition, allowing her to remain open to shifts, transitions, and the sensitive places a person can find themselves in life. Each person and experience she meets head on, allowing those moments to deepen her ability for connection and to be able to serve families in a unique and personalized way. Gloria sometimes loves to share parts of her own story, thus realizing that everyone’s story has the power to uniquely affect us, heal us and move us into the next phase of life.

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