Posted by Kameron S

Hosted by Kameron


Aug. 23, 2022

Start time:

7:00 p.m. (GMT (BST))

End time:

9:00 p.m. (GMT (BST))



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Erpingham House

22 Tombland



United Kingdom


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About this Death Cafe

Please join us for the second Death Café held in collaboration with the "Norwich Psychology" Meet-Up group!

You don't need to be a member of the group to come, and although a lot of our members main interest is in Psychology there was plenty of ecclectic discussion around the topic Death, Dying and Mortality at the last meeting; so please don't be put off if your interested in some other apsect of the topic.

The group will be an informal discussion group, with a fascilitator purely to help reign in the conversation if we get too off topic.

The last group flowed quite naturally once people had settled down and got chatting!

The room hire is free, but i'd encourage any attendee's to buy a drink or a bite to eat to help out the venue.

About Kameron

I'm Kameron and I've recently been organising events for the "Norwich Psychology" Meet-Up group.

I work in Health & Social Care and have a passion for Mental Health and sustainable living.

I've been interested in Death since a young age as quite a few of my family and friends passed away during my upbringing and I was always left with sense of unease at how little people would discuss the process, before, during, or after the dying process.

This was especially frustrating because as child i feel I was shelterd from the process, when i would have much prefered included and kept up to date about family members deteriatations in health.

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