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We can rest assured that one day, that one sunrise will be our last. And that’s okay. And we should talk about it. Especially in a paradigm where fear and confusion pervades, it’s important to become grounded in the reality of Life and not fear this essential transfer of existence. This queer focused death cafe invites the LGBTQ plus community and allies alike to discuss any and all subjects orbiting Mortality: sharing our first experiences with Death, reflections on collective mourning, inner-personal or spiriltual reckonings about the event of dying. We’ll discuss as Queer people, what responsiblities there are to ourselves in considering Death before it’s fatally upon us. Dialog will be rich. All faith and viewpoints are welcome. We look forward to gathering with you. ☠︎︎♥︎☠︎︎


About Queering Death


As a disciple of Death, Anastasia Baratta dedicates her time to exploring ritual, stories, ideas and beliefs in the realms of Mortality and and the possibilities of what lies Beyond the Veil.  She recently completed training in Death Midwifery with Sacred Crossings and is available for consultations regarding Conscious Dying and Sacred Funerary Rites and Services. 

Dez'Mon Omega Fair is an interdisciplinary artist and poet. Their work explores storytelling and self-reflection; delineating the cathartic opening of joyance availed by the art making process; also pre-arranges celebrations of life. Dez'Mon lives and works from Long Beach, California. dezmonomegafair.com

Moon she/her
A grief healer , artist / writer
A queer witch
A wife and a mother 
Interested in creating sacred space for community, conversation & social justice around death.
From Baltimore living in Southern California. 

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Sept. 27, 2020

Start time:

4:00 p.m. (PT)

End time:

5:30 p.m. (PT)