End-Of-Life Care Resource

Posted by Maggieg on Nov. 29, 2020, 2:14 p.m.

End-Of-Life Care Resource

At Whopassed, we have answered the worldwide call from Palliative Care and Hospice Nursing Associations to create innovative technology serving the person, family, community, and healthcare team during End-of-Life Care. Now more than ever the demand for clinical resources far exceeds supply. Whopassed was exclusively created to assist health care teams improve quality of life for the dying,  improve communication within health care teams , and solve the glaring gaps in the entire obituary process.  This innovative technology allows the dying or the family of the dying  begin the process of closure by telling the story of one's life  through a self written obituary, or an obituary written by family or a friend. Upon their passing, the obituary is instantly published to communities, relatives, friends and health care providers; past and present.

We invite you to share our unique End-Of-Life Care tool with your health care team and patients.  Providing that added layer of support  speaks to what palliative care and hospice nursing does best, and we believe Whopassed technology  is making a real difference in the quality of life of people who are terminally ill.


Maggie Gannon RN, MS, AGCNS-BC, CORLN

Cofounder Whopassed


Jeff Gannon CEO, Cofounder Whopassed                         

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