Death café write up Warsaw

A write up of Death Cafe Warsaw

By Joanka

The group consisted of about 30 participants. I facilitated the event. The space was like a small black box theatre. The art space that invited the Death Café made a beautiful cake that was decorated with Hamsah, a Middle Eastern symbol for good luck. The cake and tea helped the atmosphere initially. First we went around and everyone said who they felt about death and why they came to the meeting. Then we went into small groups and discussed things in a smaller set up. In my group people spoke about how they are more worried about losing their loved one than they themselves dying. We also spoke about more ecological forms of burials and how it is illegal in Poland to be buried, or intentionally left, on top of the earth in a forest for example. Then the small groups came back to eth big circle and we all shared the conversation we held. There was a mentioned of death on Facebook, and then a mention on a group that was very transgenerational and that was positive, one group spoke about experiences they had when they felt like they wished someone dead, like a very difficult childhood math teacher, and how that made them feel. At the end I asked for feedback and people felt that it was an experience they hadn’t had so far, in a positive sense, in terms of the type of event it was. We also spoke about running a group on a more regular basis and how to do it with a more collaborative approach to facilitation. In conclusion the event was incredibly rewarding as a space to reflect on death freely with strangers.

Photo Pat Mic

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