5th year of Dying to Know Day

A write up of Death Cafe - Sydney

By April Lewis

Feedback from 3 different ladies, for whom it was their first experience of a Death Cafe:

1) Thanks so much for hosting the Death Cafe on Tuesday. It was a great chance to explore ideas that most of us think or worry about at some point but don't necessarily get the opportunity to discuss. I felt it was a really safe, non-judgemental space where everyone was respected and I liked hearing people's different perspectives on the various issues we talked about. It certainly reframed the way I was looking at some things, and was very thought provoking. I hope to get back to another one at some point.

2) Many thanks for convening the Death Cafe I attended this week.  In a society which spends so much time holding death and dying at arm’s length, this is such an important topic to discuss.  I loved that the discussion was practical and supportive and not at all morbid.  I now realise that by acknowledging that life is finite, it informs how we live our lives: fully and without regrets.

3) Thank you for hosting a truly enlightening Death Cafe. This was my first time and I loved the venue and how welcoming you were. The discussion was so interesting. I loved how people shared so openly and at times vulnerably. It was very moving. I felt very uplifted walking out even though our topic of conversation, death, may sometimes be thought of as a morbid subject. I found the conversation actually very life affirming.

Much gratitude.

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