Whangarei's 3rd Death cafe

Whangarei's 3rd Death Cafe was held at Narnia Cafe. We changed the venue for this death cafe from the previously used Public Library to Narnia Cafe to make the access to food and drink easier.

The venue has a separate room which we were able to reconfigure for our purpose and worked quite well although was a little cool and drafty on a cold day. 

There were 9 participants as well as the host Jo Moselen and facilitator Jo Samuel. 

The ages of the participants ranged from 16 to 74. 

We discussed a range of topics including End of life directives, discussing death with your famly, being informed of choices well in advance of a death, a natural burial ground in our local cemetary and your social media presence after your death.

We received six feedback forms, which included the following comments; very informative, worthwhile, good to share experiences, friendly, lovely people, comfortable, freedom, caring.

The coffee and food was enjoyed by some with one person not partaking and another who rated it at a 3. 

Overall this 3rd death cafe was a success and we are looking forward to the next which we have yet to make a date for. 




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