‘Thank You’

“Thank you.”

As people left, many expressed thanks and appreciation to the organisers of this Death Café. Those attending came from many different walks of life and each individual held a different perspective on death. Some came with questions, others with recent experience of death; all with a desire to talk and listen to others in an open and welcoming place.

Those attending the session were a mix of colleagues, friends and strangers to each other yet the session was marked by honesty and intimacy.

Conversation, washed down with tea and cake, was accompanied by laughter, sadness, enthusiasm and curiosity. The topics discussed encompassed the physical, spiritual, social and psychological facets of death – from organ donation to bereavement, from thoughts on an afterlife to funeral arrangements. It was particularly interesting to hear how people from different cultures experienced death within their communities: similarities as well as differences were found.

Legacy was mentioned often, as people reflected on how and why they would like to be remembered. As one participant said: “in talking about death, I felt as though we ended up celebrating life”.

It was felt that this Death Café was a very successful and appreciated event, with approximately 20 attendees.

We are very much looking forward to the next one!

Produced by Sonya Bushell – Facilitator


I only heard of "Death Cafes" on the radio on the morning of this event and after looking them up found this Leeds meeting listed.
I attended and found it to be an interesting experience. I am suffering after losing my partner and was completely unprepared for death.
I think it is important to talk much more about this inevitable part of life and the Death Cafe made this easy and natural.
With hindsight, I wish I had circulated more to hear more different views .
I look forward to the next Cafe.

Posted by Dave Johnson

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