Wild, Windy, Wonderful Death Cafe!

April 7th turned out to be a pretty major windstorm but that didn't keep the 2 guests from traveling 45+ minutes to attend. 

The conversation flowed really well after the introduction. 

We talked about protecting each other from sadness around dying.

We talked about how to offer the opportunity to talk about a loss with a friend.

We talked about how to be okay with not being everything to everyone and how to prioritize our needs without feeling selfish.

We shared our stories of loved ones who died, shed a few tears and left feeling like kindred spirits who just spent an hour and a half together reuniting.

Lovely, open, vulnerable attendees. 

Notes from Eval. form:

"Minimal structure allowed for honest, organic conversation."

"I think this event validated my feelings."

"Just opening the door and allowing the conversation to come in and flow is lovely."

3 words to describe experience:







"Reassured to hear others thinking/feeling/experiencing and growing through the death of loved ones, friends."

If someone told you they were thinking of attending a death cafe what would you say to them?

"I'd recommend they go-maybe the conversation would evolve between us as a result."

"Go! May I join you?"

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