Cheddar Death Cafe

This was a lively, interesting Death Cafe.  Full of laughter.  Good cake.  Interesting subjects.  21 attendees, split into three groups.  With hindsight we would have moved around halfway, but it was a learning curve.  Hope to have another one in the not too distant future.  Conversation flowed easily and we had lots of literature for people to pick up... like, Is Your Green Burial Really Green, etc.  Useful tool is the Good Funeral Guide.  Topics covered a large range from euthanasia, roadside shrines, who do you want present at your death, end of life care, end of life care plans, DNR and many more.  We used this website which brought us people and information on how to run our Cafe.  Thanks also to Living Well, Dying Well Alizoun Dickinson and the lovely Tom Barber from SPARK.



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