A friendly, warm occasion

I have just returned from my first Death café, at 'The Dining Room' in Woodstock in Cape Town.


There were twelve of us, with Sean O'Connor as convener. Sean did a first rate job of making everybody feel welcome and at home, and he managed the flow of the evening with a light touch.


It was, at times, very moving, to hear of the experiences others had had with death, as well as comforting to feel so much in the same boat - as, of course, we all are.


The time went very quickly indeed, which is always a good sign, and the cake was extremely good.


I also felt it was a most interesting collection of people, not from all walks of life, but, for me, different enough to feel it wasn't an echo chamber for people who all thought the same way.


I felt a tangible warmth, particularly near the end. It's unusual, for me anyway, to feel warm and comfortable with a group of strangers after only three hours together. 


I look forward to the next one.


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