Death Cafe Newtown

Some courageous participants talking about the ordinary and extraordinary around end of life and how much easier it is to talk about death when you get to practise in a safe space like this; feedback expressed the hunger people have to talk about death and dying but the lack of safe forums to do it and their gratitude they can come to something like this. We looked at a range of areas from what to write on a Sympathy card (most agreed that people are generally just grateful you are holding them in your thoughts and don't want your opinions or pity so you don't have to be specific but can keep it general eg I am sending so much love at this tender time) to how to broach advanced care planning to elderly parents- ideas around using a friend they know as an example and asking them what they think so you can dip your toes in to guage their views.

Most people agreed it was a life affirming exercise and loved hearing the stories and narratives of other's lives and the space of being heard facilitated healing for those speaking and for those listening as they reflected on their own lives. Magic definitely happens in this space.


Next Death Cafe Newtown is July 15 3-5.30pm RSVP to Mel at M 0425213338

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