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Death Cafe write up: Death Cafe in Mississauga

Posted by Roma on Jan. 25, 2018, 8:41 a.m.

Considering it was our very first Death Cafe event, the turnout was very encouraging.  21 attendees gathered from different professions, cultural backgrounds and faiths. The feedback was extremely positive.

Participants described their experience as unifying, empowering, supportive, non threatening and thought provoking which are the very goals that are aimed to be achieved by the creators of Death Cafe.

The participants were very kind to order food at Bombay Bhel and show their gratitude towards the owners of the restaurant.

We plan to hold another event in the fall so do look out for our posting !!

With gratitude

Roma and Loretta


Death Cafe: Death Cafe in Mississauga

Posted by Roma on Dec. 18, 2017, 4 p.m.

With Roma & Loretta

Jan. 23, 2018, 7.00 p.m. - 8.45 p.m. (Eastern Time Zone)

Event is free but we respectfully request that people support the venue by purchasing food and drinks just to express gratitude to the restaurant. without them this event would not be possible.

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