Highcliffe Death Cafe

Hosted by Lis Horwich


May 17, 2017

Start time:

2:00 p.m. (British Summer Time)

End time:

3:30 p.m. (British Summer Time)



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To be held at a private location

About this Death Cafe

Lis is the local facilitator in Highcliffe. She trusts the more we talk about death the more we become at ease with the thought and the more we can help other people explore this taboo subject. It is always a good experience to share your thoughts about death; might they be fear, acceptance or as yet undefined.

About Lis Horwich

Lis Horwich has worked as a complimentary therapist for 24 years encouraged through her strong desire to work with people and their emotions. Talking about death, she knows, is a subject which gets most of us very emotional.

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