Hosted by Dr. Alice Fong


May 29, 2017

Start time:

6:00 p.m. (EST)

End time:

7:30 p.m. (EST)


134 Main St Ste 203

Prince Frederick



United States

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About this Death Cafe

Death. It's a subject few of us like to think about, much less discuss. But it is also a reality all of us will have to face someday. Death Cafe was something Dr. Alice Fong participated in while she was living in Seattle and she is excited to bring this type of event to Southern Maryland. At Death Cafes, people drink tea, eat cake, and discuss death (Dr. Alice will provide tea and gluten-free, dairy-free cupcakes). These events happen worldwide. The objective is 'to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives'. A Death Cafe is a group directed discussion of death with no agenda, objectives or themes. People can talk about their own stories, fears, death in the healthcare system, beliefs, etc.  It is a discussion group rather than a grief support or counseling session. 
Since discussing death can be a difficult topic to talk about openly, this is the place to do it in a safe, non-judgmental environment no matter what your beliefs are. People of all faiths, agnostics and atheists are welcome, but we ask that nobody try to push their own beliefs onto others in the group, and to be respectful and considerate of everyone in the room. The sheer nature of the topic tends to create deep meaningful conversations.  
This is a free event so registration is not required, however, if you plan to attend, it would be helpful if you sent me an email to so I have a general idea how many people will be attending.

About Dr. Alice Fong

My name is Dr. Alice Fong. I am a licensed naturopathic doctor (ND) who graduated from Bastyr University, a 4-year accredited graduate program after receiving my bachelor’s degree in psychology. Naturopathic medicine focuses on holistic, proactive prevention using natural methods in combination with the rigors of modern science. Rather than trying to mask symptoms of a condition with pharmaceuticals, naturopathy tries to find the root cause, remove those barriers to health, and help facilitate the body’s inherent ability to restore and maintain optimal wellbeing.  I focus on dietary, lifestyle changes as well as supplement interventions. I can also order blood tests and labs. I strongly believe that the mind-body connection is an essential component of health as well. 

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