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Hosted by Fairfield Market and Cafe


Feb. 15, 2017

Start time:

2:00 p.m. (Pacific, Canada)

End time:

3:00 p.m. (Pacific, Canada)


Fairfield Market and Cafe, 1275 Oscar Street, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

V8V 2X6


Suggested donation:

no-host refreshments. no costs

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About Fairfield Market and Cafe

Biography of Senior Facilitator and Organiser:  Ernie Tadla.

At 78 years of age I have and am living a wonderful rich life.  It includes a wonderful happy, successful loving family (one son, two grandchildren and one daughter.)  I have loved three ladies in my life.  #1, my high-school sweetheart, Lovy.  Together for 46 years.  Died of cancer.  # 2.  Michelle, married in Shanghai, China were I lived and worked for 7 years.  We spent 2 wonderful years together.  She divorced me two years later, due to age. language and cultural diferences. #3.  Cora, my beautiful Argentinean flower, now in our 11th year.  3 wonderful ladies, 3 different and unique cultures.  What a learning experience for this guy!

In my early 30s, I read "On Death and Dying" by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross which has left a lifelong impression on me.  Her point was that until you can come to grips with your death, you cannot really enjoy life.  Now, 50 years later, at 78, the next big event in my life will be my death. As with all approaching events I always plan for them, anticipate them, and look forward to them.  That requires research, thoughts from other people and reflection with cause.  In the ensuing years I have made friends with death and dying and am actually very curious about what comes next.

I have found no one wants to discuss the topic.  Then I was led to your site and my problem was solved.

I just want to sit and talk about death and dying mainly because that is what lies ahead for me and I want me and my family to be prepared for it.

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