Posted by Sue Holden

Hosted by Sue Holden, Reshma Field


Oct. 11, 2016

Start time:

7:00 p.m. (Greenwich Meantime BST)

End time:

8:30 p.m. (Greenwich Meantime BST)


Dojo Cafe

Crowood House

Gypsy lane




United Kingdom

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About this Death Cafe

Interest, curiosity and a desire to help people to start to think about death and dying and to hope that it helps to take away some of the fear surrounding it.

I am also interested in why people would come to one and how people feel about the subject.

This is purely a cafe atmosphere, relaxed, informal, friendly with open and honest discussion.

Try it and let's see where it goes!

About Sue Holden, Reshma Field

Sue is a Life Supporter and works with people who are grieving and as a Civil Funeral Celebrant. She is used to talking about loss and death with people and helping them to ackowledge that 'death happens'. Sue is also very keen that some of the 'taboo' around the subject should be dispelled and that when you talk an interest and curiosity can be invoked and the surrounding emotions become less prevalent.

Reshma is a Mum and a Will Writer, coming from a legal background. Reshma is also used to talking with peope who have experienced bereavemnt or who are facing up to the fact that it will happen to those that are loved and to oneself.

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