life after death

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Well I do believe that when we leave here (the physical world) we move on to the next stage. It is like we progress spiritually, and although our physical body dies, our soul, consciousness, and energy survives. We have now reached the after life. I think the Buddhists have summed it up, that we have died many times, and will continue to be reborn until we have learnt the lessons that we came here to learn. Many people that have died for a short time have spoken of meeting up with loved ones, they say the after life is so beautiful and full of love, the colours are magnificent, many want to stay there but because it is not their time, they are sent back to their body. Why are we so affraid to die, we meet up with our loved ones and return home. Sounds wonderful to me        


Just four weeks ago...

Four weeks ago today on Christmas morning, my wife died in her sleep after a long devastating illness. She was the love of my life, my soul mate. I have no doubts that her soul remains intact and now, free of pain and suffering, she is in that "better place." Although I was not surprised that she died, she was ill for a long time, her passing nonetheless came as a terrible, mind numbing blow. She was no longer here, but I remained, lost and bewildered without her.

Four weeks later I realize that the physical her is gone leaving memories and a lot of physical stuff. I have begun to deal with the stuff that she no longer inhabits. I am finding solace in her freedom from pain and suffering. I have memories and gratitude for the time we spent together. I say to her, "Thank you, my beloved, for all that you did and were for me. I know that you are at peace."

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Re: Just four weeks ago

we miss our loved ones so much when they leave us, but we will see them again when it is our time to leave here and move on to the next stage, and I am sure they wait for us and are there to greet us when we arrive. There is so much we don't understand about life here as we have been conditioned to believe in so many false understandings and belief systems, that for so many it is difficult to keep an open mind to what awaits us when we leave our physical body. Life will go on when we die, it will just be very different.


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Abraham - Hicks perspective on death

Since I have come across the teachings of Abraham I feel much more at ease with death and dying. ( a you tube list of videos on this:
Having said that for those left behind feeling the loss takes a bit of getting my head around.
A friend of mine lost a dear friend recently and it wasn't easy to see her pain.
I appreciate this Blog!
Love and Light

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The topic of death

I am currently a student at El Camino college located in California and the theme for one of my classes is "death." I came across this website doing some research for a paper and was pleasantly surprised to find such an interesting blog.
Lozzi, what you are saying in reference to life after death resonates on so many different levels with me. We have been conditioned to believe certain things about life and death, but truth be it told, we should try to be more open-minded about these topics. After all, death is a very essential part of everyday life and it has never, nor will it ever elude us.

Peace and Blessings

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