Thoughts on death

Posted by Tish

Does anyone on here believe in heaven or hell? Reincarnation? Does it all just go dark? Do we even know that we died? What is the point of life if we just go out like a light with nothing but memories for family and friends? Just curious on others thoughts on this subject.. We all on here to talk about fear of death so maybe if i get other opions on how people thought.. I am curious on others thoughts on this subject.  Have a good night all.


I had an experience on LSD where I approached a clear, white light in space that seemed filled with expanding love and I thought, "This is where I was before I was born." As a result, my fear of death vanished. Of course, it could have all been a hallucination, but it opened my mind to Eastern religions and New Age ideas. At this point, I incline toward reincarnation and the purpose of life on earth is to learn to be more universally loving, but I don't know for sure.

Posted by Charlie

Tish -

I am wondering, what makes you think there will be memories for family and friends?

Posted by Dee


Well i lost all my grandparents and i have memories of them.. I believe my family at least would remember me if they are here and i am not.. My son would miss me and not understand why I am not here.. Do you not have family or friends?

Posted by Tish

This is seriously what I ask myself everyday. I'm scared as hell to know what happens when you die

Posted by Breaanne

scared as hell?

Just wandering why you say you are scared as hell to know what happens when we die...what has made you so scared? where does this fear of yours come from? these are some questions I am sure you have asked yourself...there are some great books out there that might put your fear at ease...a great book called (life after life) by raymond Moody is a beautiful book...Allison Dubois has a beautiful book called (Don't kiss them goodbye) (into the dark, how the dead help us heal) also by Alison Dubois.. just a couple of books you may like to read, they will open your mind to what lies beyond our physical plane, and have you question every thing you thought was true.


Posted by lozzi

My thoughts on death

Now that I have reached a age where death becomes a more frequent thought I have asked some of those same questions. My thought is that we are all part of a singularity. The singularity that created the big bang and everything that came after, (God, Science, whatever your belief is) and sense we are connected to that energy, part of us (the energy that drives us, makes us who we are, gives us consciousness, some may call it our soul) returns back to that singularity to be used again rather it be Reincarnation or in some other way. So really only the physical body dies, but the energy that drives us lives on. Well that's where I am at in my thought process on death at this time. Do I believe in Heaven and I don't... do I believe in reincarnation...not I believe everything just goes dark...sense I believe we are energy returning back to our source, I like to think if anything it would be bright...very bright. Do I believe we know that we died...I don't think so and last but not least what is the point of life...that is a question that I still ask myself and I will continue to ask until I feel I have answered it, but meanwhile I love living and I am glad to be alive for whatever the reason, so I try to make my life as happy as possible, enjoy everything around me, love my family and friends and have a great time!

Posted by Patricia

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