Death Letter!

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 Reflection time! Grieving, another loved member of my family died. It is Halloween week! Palliative care in aged care is telling us death and dying matter. So, let's talk about the "D" words and break the silence now! My first conversation will be with you! My dear Death Angel!



 I know you come to visit every day! Could you please say "Hi and goodbye!".  I do have a request please if you do not mind? Sorry for interrupting you if now is my due time. If you are beside me now, just before I lose my voice, please listen to my words. They are especially for you and those who I love and share my life. @abduljfs




My dear Death Angel:




You always take people souls without their permission, but you do take it first from God.


I'm always praying to God to give you that authorization to do your job in a peaceful manner.


I know that what people did in their lives whether good or bad will be reflected in your job.


I do not know when it is my soul’s turn to fly to the other life; my God let it be in peace.



I am waiting for you! I am ready for you anytime! But please come in a moment where I look like a bride, surrounded by Angels, happy, smiling, and moving to my new life! Come to me while I am wearing my shroud and praying to “Allah."


Come in a moment when my God is pleased with what I did in this life.


Please do not come now! Come when my children are strong to deal with the painful truth in this beautiful lie!



I am always thinking of you, do you know why?! You have a lot of stories and memories about my loved people, who I pray for all the time.


Do not worry if my body hid under the ground, as my soul will fly around. Yes, it will on Friday to check on them and make sure that they are good and happy all the time. It will send them my love; prayers and healing energy to help them navigate their way out till we meet in the other life.



If my name became in the forgetful memory, my only request is: please protect your smile.


I'm just a nomadic in this life; one day I will die.


Everybody, please forgive me, to allow my soul to fly.


I love you :)







Thank you for this beautiful piece.

Synchronistically, this also links butterflies and death:


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Death and butterfly.

Thank you so much for your comment and the beautiful article link and video; I love it.

My grand mother used to tell me "when you see a butterfly, pray and read the holy Quran, as a gift, because it is a soul that came to visit us".

I always see my grand mother in my dreams too; her soul likes to visit me.

I wrote under the butterfly's picture, but I do not why it did not appear "my souls like a butterfly, please pray for me when you see a butterfly especially on Friday".

Thank you.
Fatimah (abduljfs).

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