Funeral Director premises as a venue?

Posted by ClaireBradford on June 12, 2017, 12:37 p.m. 2 comments

Hi all

I'm thinking about starting up a DC. My first one will probably be in the community centre cafe but when I mentioned it to one of the Funeral Directors I work with, he suggested I could hold them in their new premises when it's completed next year.

This would be fab, as they would have catering and parking and a central location - but would it be OK with DC guidelines? Assuming, of course, that they are not promoted in any way other than being in their premises...



Hi, I was recently offered sponsorship, by a Direct Cremation service, for the Death Cafe I facilitate. After thinking about it carefully I decided to decline. Because sponsorship means the sponsor gets something for their money, there's an exchange of some sort. I chose to accept donations, but not sponsorship. I hope this helps.

Posted by Cat Martin

We wrestled with the same issue earlier this year. After polling the people on the growing email list we have, the consensus was "why not have a Death Cafe at a funeral director's location?"

Our first Death Cafe at a funeral director's venue, , several months ago, went quite well.

We do, though hold our Death Cafes at different sites. We've held them at libraries and retirement communities. And we're considering an event at an area vineyard.

We ask folks who come for ideas; recently a suggestion led to a facebook group:

Posted by Brian L. Long

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