Hosting my first Death Cafe!

Posted by Avery Chase on Oct. 17, 2016, 3:32 a.m. 1 comment

Hey all,


I am looking into hosting my first Death Cafe here in Florida. 

I have a dear friend who hosts in Philidelphia, and amabout to start picking brain (pun intended) on how she started up. 

What are the first few topics, ice breakers or questions you tend to ask in the first few meet ups to get the conversation flowing?

Thanks and I'm  really looking forward to hearing some feed back! 



I've been holding a Death Cafe in Tampa for about 6 months. I have found the people to attend are willing to talk about death. I start with a welcome and thanks for attending and mention Jon Underwood and rules of death cafe. And then I ask people to introduce themselves. I might ask how they heard about the Tampa Death cafe (as a way of finding out what publicity is working) Posting on has been a major help. Bums on seats continues to be a challenge for me. And to close the Death Cafe I might ask about how each feels about attending, as a sort of winding up. I have a couple of conversation topics in mind if conversation flags but mostly conversation flows. People talk about what's important to them

Posted by Cat Martin

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