Hosted my first Death Cafe in San Rafael CA

Posted by Chloe Martin on April 20, 2016, 6:06 p.m. 2 comments

I just wanted to report that I hosted a Death Cafe last night, and it was everything I'd hoped! 

I am part of an Episcopal Church community--actually, my husband is the rector or head priest--and I advertised it in my church newsletter and Sunday service bulletins. I also posted on the website and made a facebook event that was public and I invited abtou 100 of my local friends.  INterestingly, 12 people showed up and they were all from my church. So that tells me if I were to try to get a local group from the public, posting on the deathcafe website is not enough. I'd have to do a lot of postering, I think. 

But I'll echo what others have said about the conversation flowing very easily and the time passing quickly.  I felt it was sacred time to hear people sharing their stories of death. 

I'll also say when I asked at the beginning for people to share what had brought them to the event, most people said they LOVED the name Death Cafe.  

Thank you, Jon, for creating this format and making it so easy.  I think we'll continue to offer them and hope people from outside our church will join. 


Hi Cloe,
Glad your first meeting went so good!
To get more exposure outside your church, I would suggest contacting some local newspapers or television/radio station. Jon's Guide provides some instruction about how to deal with the media (mention Death Cafe's history with key people and the purpose).
It helped us to get started.

Posted by Teddy

I am VERY interested!! Live in Marin & have been wanting to go to Death Cafe. Please add me to tour mailing list for future events:

Posted by Alisa

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